Faith in Action

Working in Partnership with the Church in Africa

Faith in Action  works in close partnership with local churches in Africa in order to achieve the following objectives: first, to strengthen, support and equip local pastors so that they can nurture their congregations. Second, to envision, encourage and empower people to believe in their potential to prosper. Third, to significantly reduce poverty through funding appropriate and sustainable projects and businesses. Fourth, to reduce sickness through the provision of clean drinking water and providing education about disease transmission. Fifth, to provide appropriate care and support for orphaned children.

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Brief Testimony

Can we make Poverty History?

Most of us will remember the promise that was used in advertising a few years ago: the promise that we could “Make Poverty History”. However, with the enormous sums of money that have been poured into Africa for so long and the comparative lack of positive results that we can actually see, we could well question whether fulfilling this promise is really possible. Can we really bring a complete end to Poverty?
If we are to take this question literally, I personally believe that the answer is NO. Jesus Himself said that we would always have the poor with us. However, I DO believe that we can make a significant and long-term             
difference, but only if we recognise that giving money alone will not bring a long-term solution to poverty.
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